Phyllis Rapp

“I fell in love with watercolor in 1985 and since then it has been my main ‘media’. In 1991 I moved to Healdsburg, California with my husband and our then 3-year-old son. Healdsburg is a small community in Sonoma Country’s wine country. We lived there from 1991 to 2007. During that time, I was active in many art organizations, galleries and taught watercolor classes. When our youngest child graduated from high school and set out to attend college we decided to sell our house of fifteen years, buy a 53ft sailboat and find adventure. During that time not only did we experience great adventures but also we visited many exciting countries and made some very interesting friends.
I painted frequently on the boat. Many of my paintings that were created during that time were of distant shores and the people and animals that we encountered. I loved painting during that time because I didn’t have to paint for a gallery or a demonstration. I could relax and paint for myself. Too my surprise my painting skills improved because of this freedom.
In June of 2010 we stopped sailing and reestablished our connections in Healdsburg. I still try hard to convey a personal feeling and a private message to those who view my art. Most of my paintings are about ‘pattern’. I love design, color, and texture. I try to incorporate these items in my paintings, along with my love of traveling and foreign cultures.”
-Phyllis Rapp

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Art Education:
BFA San Francisco Academy of Art 1985, Major in Illustration

Judy Betts, Christopher Schink, Gerald Brommer, Jane
Hoffsetter, Judy Greenberg, Skip Lawrence, Catherine Lui, & Fran Larson
Gallery Affiliations and Other Shows:
Petroncelli Winery, Healdsburg, CA
Finley Center, Santa Rosa, CA
Summerhouse Gallery, Healdsburg, CA
Armida Winery, Healdsburg, CA
Rodney Strong Winery, Healdsburg, CA
Southside Saloon, Healdsburg, CA
DeLorimier Winery, Healdsburg, CA
The Upstairs Art Gallery, Healdsburg, CA
Gafney’s Wine Bar, Santa Rosa, CA
Plaza Street Deli, Healdsburg, CA
Academy of Art, San Francisco, CA
Healdsburg General Hospital, Healdsburg, CA
Healdsburg Art Council Gallery, Healdsburg, CA
Library Shows, Windsor and Cloverdale, CA
Juried Shows:
“Art on the Move” 1994, 1995, 1996, 1997, and 1998,
Healdsburg, CA
“Magnum Opus V111”, Carmichael, CA
“Santa Rosa Statewide Show”, 1994, Santa Rosa, CA
“Aqua Areas”, 1995, Sponsored by WASCO, Coddingtown Mall,
Santa Rosa, CA
-Honorable Mention Award
“Aqua Areas”, 1996, Sponsored by WASCO, Coddingtown Mall,
Santa Rosa, CA
-Honorable Mention Award
“Aqua Areas”, 1997, sponsored by WASCO, Coddingtown Mall,
Santa Rosa, CA
-Honorable Mention Award
“Aqua Areas”, 1998, sponsored by WASCO, Coddingtown Mall,
Santa Rosa, CA
-2nd Place Award
“Aqua Areas”, 1999, sponsored by WASCO, Coddingtown Mall,

CWA signature membership awarded in 2004

Santa Rosa Art Guild, Co-President, 1996
Lifetime member Watercolor Artist of Sonoma County (WASCO)
WASCO vice president 1997-1999, President 2000- 2002
Santa Rosa Art Guild, Co president 1996
Healdsburg Art Council, Board member 1997- 2002
Art Beat editor 1999-2002