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22th Annual Aqua Areas Best of Show winner Sandra Fenton with "Zebra Doves in Kauai"

cat by Jaonie Springer
Joanie Springer Loose and Expressive Acrylics www.artforthesoulofit.com
About Joanie Springer
My Passions: Spiritual Connection, Gouache, Ink, Acrylic, Upcycling, Recycling, Earth-Friendly Studio Practices, Cardboard, Cats, Friends & Family, PEACE.
WASCO Meetings

Monthly programs consists of demonstrations and lectures by well known and respected watercolor artists. See our 2016 meeting calendar at http://wascoart.org/wasco-events/

Meetings are free for members, $5 for guests and WASCO newsletter members. They are held on the second Thursday of every month from 1-3 PM at the Luther Burbank Art and Garden Center imageLuther Burbank Art and Garden Center 2050 Yulupa, Santa Rosa, CA >Get map
The organization consists of mostly local watercolor artists but is open to anyone wishing to become a member regardless of painting media or aptitude. The membership consists of those who have paid their current yearly dues. Dues are renewed each year in January WASCO offers two membership levels and the ability to receive our monthly newsletter, depending on your interest in participating: Volunteer Member - Dues: $45/year These persons are volunteering members who work on committees, the Board of Directors, the Circuit, and/or shows and exhibits. They are required to work one shift (3-4 hrs) at annual Aqua Areas Show. These members receive full benefits from WASCO. Honorary Member - Dues: $65/year Honorary members receive the same full benefits as voluntary members, but are not required to volunteer except when participating in a show. Newsletter Recipient - Dues: $25/year Newsletter recipients receive limited club benefits. They receive the newsletter. They are welcome to attend meetings, but must pay the $5 guest fee. They cannot be on the circuit, nor can they exhibit with WASCO. For "open shows", they must pay the same fee as non-members. If joining (for the first time) after July 1 of each year, pay only half the annual dues $33, $23, $12.50. You will then pay full dues in January of next year. To become a WASCO member, click below. Membership Link


  1. dave broad says:

    Superb! Thank you.

  2. Cynthia D. Ward says:

    I would like to meet another artist here in Sonoma. I am currently painting again with watercolors and loving it and yet there is of course so much to learn everyday. You Tube has been and is an excellent source of ‘learning’…..I haven’t got a car so am unable to attend any meeting in Santa Rosa. I live very close to the Library in town of Sonoma – on Oregon Street. To have a chat….once and awhile with someone who is an advanced watercolorist (I am not nor am I a beginner) would be so nice !

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