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Jeannie Vodden

I’m planning to show your members how I approach painting lace, crochet and other intricacies.  While I won’t finish a full painting, I will share plenty of information on how to paint texture and detail.  My approach, as you may remember, is to use a very limited palette of staining transparent color.  I use layers of pure color to build my values and create my neutral hues (rather than mixing on the palette, or using neutral tube colors such as Burnt Sienna).    Using this method I can create the illusion of cut glass, crochet, lace, silver or tangled and twisted hair, etc … without using masking fluid.  Lots of fun, lots of observation and attention to detail.  Hope WASCO members will enjoy watching.

Rest of 2017 TBA

WASCO is a water media organization founded in 1993 by a group of Sonoma County watercolor artists. The principal purpose of WASCO is to educate the public as to the many values of watercolor and to escalate the acceptance of watercolor as being an art form which should be sought and treasured along with other contemporary art forms. Monthly programs consists of demonstrations and lectures by well known and respected watercolor artists.

Meetings are free for members, $5 for guests and WASCO newsletter members. They are held on the second Thursday of every month from 1-3 PM at the

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